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Ford Produces 100,000th Hybrid

Ford Motor Company has produced its 100,000th hybrid SUV and used the milestone to restate its commitment to ramping up production of hybrid vehicles this year.

The 100,00th hybrid. Click to enlarge.

Ford began sales the Ford Escape hybrid in 2004, followed by the Mariner Hybrid in 2005. Through February 2009, cumulative sales of the two are 88,306 units—78,380 Escape Hybrids and 9,926 Mariner Hybrids.

The current models of the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV and Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV deliver 34 mpg US city driving, 31 mpg US highway. The new Fusion and Milan mid-size sedan hybrids—which go on sale this spring—deliver 41 mpg city driving, 36 mpg highway.

The Kansas City Assembly Plant, which employs 4,100 people, has been the hub for Ford’s hybrid SUV production since 2004. Lean, flexible manufacturing processes and specially-trained employees at the plant allow the hybrids to be built on the same production line as conventional Escape and Mariner SUVs.


The Goracle


How much CO2 was emitted while manufacturing these CO2 producing instruments?


Dave R

While hybrids do cost more (both money, resources and CO2 emissions) to produce, the vast majority of CO2 emissions from vehicles through their lifetime is emitted during operation, by an overwhelming margin.

The fuel saved by hybrids "breaks even" in CO2 emissions very quickly.

I don't have the actual numbers handy, but there have been multiple studies backing this up.


I hear humans create a lot of CO2 during respiration. Just think how much CO2 we could save if Al Gore can get a large group of environmentalists to hold their breath for 10 minutes..

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