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Kia Motors has introduced its new environmental brand “Eco Dynamics” and an LPI Hybrid based on its Korean market Forte saloon. The Eco Dynamics brand was unveiled at Kia Motors’ domestic sales headquarters in Apkujeong-dong, Seoul, along with the company’s blueprint for developing low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles. Hyundai Motor is also offering the LPI hybrid powertrain applied in an Elantra. (Earlier post.)

The LPI Hybrid Forte. Click to enlarge.

Vehicles with new, environmental technologies including hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be identified with the Eco Dynamics badge. Kia has already showcased the c’eed ISG model year in Europe. The ISG (Idle Stop and Go) features an auto start-stop system for enhanced fuel efficiency and is a first for a Korean car.

Kia will unveil its first hybrid vehicle, the Forte LPI hybrid, on the Korean domestic market this August. Kia plans to introduce a mid-sized, full hybrid vehicle in 2011 and follow up with early commercialization of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2012.

The Forte LPI hybrid car runs on both Liquefied Petroleum Gas—a popular fuel in Korea—and electricity. It employs a hybrid system which supports the internal combustion engine during motor starts and acceleration.

Equipped with a 1.6 liter Gamma LPI HEV engine and a 15 kW electric motor, the Forte LPI hybrid boasts maximum power of 112 hp (84 kW) and maximum torque of 148 Nm (109 lb-ft). It offers fuel efficiency of 17.2 km/liter (5.8 L/100km or 40 mpg US) with a CVT transmission. When converted to a standard gasoline engine that figure would be 21.5 km/liter (4.7 L/100km or 50.6 mpg US).

The Forte LPI hybrid uses lithium polymer batteries from LG Chem. The car will be shown to general public at the Seoul Motor Show 2009 that opens on 2 April.


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