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New Honda Insight 10th-Best Selling Car in Japan in February, Edges Out Prius

Nikkei. Honda’s Insight hybrid was Japan’s 10th-best-selling new car in February, excluding minicars, according to figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

Honda received more than 15,000 orders for the Insight, which was launched that month. But it was able to deliver just 4,906 units, missing its monthly sales target of 5,000.

Nevertheless, the Insight made No. 10 in the category of vehicles with engines of 660cc or larger, beating Toyota Motor Corp.’s Prius hybrid. The Prius came in 12th, with its sales falling 20% from a year earlier to 4,524 units. But sales of the Prius will likely pick up once Toyota releases the next-generation version this May. The leading Japanese automaker also plans to continue selling the current Prius at a lower price even after the new one is launched.


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