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South Carolina Opening Two Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Two hydrogen fueling stations are officially opening today in South Carolina: one in Sage Mill Industrial Park in Aiken County, the other in Columbia. The opening ceremonies will also dedicate the opening of the South Carolina Hydrogen Freeway between Aiken and Columbia.

The Sage Mill facility is located in an advanced manufacturing park. Bridgestone/Firestone, located at Sage Mill, is currently using hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and the new station will contribute to the development of hydrogen infrastructure in Aiken County. The Center for Hydrogen Research’s Chevy Silverado will be fueled with hydrogen as will a Kia Borrego that runs on hydrogen.

The Columbia Fuel Cell Collaborative will open the Columbia hydrogen fueling station later in the afternoon. The dignitaries who officiate at the Sage Mill opening will drive via the hydrogen vehicles to the Columbia station for that opening.

The Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge sees the Columbia station serving as a hub around which a network of follow-on projects with private, public and military researchers and customers can be designed and executed.


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