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Toyota Issues Adjustment on 2010 Prius Fuel Economy Ratings

Toyota has issued an adjustment on the preliminary EPA fuel economy numbers provided during the recent media rollout of the 2010 Prius. (Earlier post.)

While the combined rating of 50 mpg remains unchanged, the city rating went up one mpg and the highway number went down one mpg.  Therefore the revised preliminary EPA fuel economy ratings for the new Prius are 51 city/48 highway/50 combined.

The error, Toyota said, was due to a misinterpretation of preliminary data.



The 'conventional hybrids are certainly facing stiff competition from advanced fuel efficient engine designs esp IE - deisels and direct injection gasoline.
At least this and similar offerings are (apparently)easily capable of exceeding the specs.

Dave R

Diesels still suffer from poor fuel economy in city driving when compared to hybrids. They will never match hybrids in those types of driving conditions.

They can only start to get close in CO2 emissions (and fuel economy) in highway driving.

Direct injection is similar.

And both technologies could be applied to hybrid drivetrains as well, further improving fuel economy.

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Definitely it is great step and well achievement towards environment issue.We should come out from traditional use of fuel and make new way to use alternative source like electric, wind,solar energy are the best and healthy source for bright future.

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