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US Defense Logistics Agency Developing FT Fuel Blends Pilot Program in Alaska

Alaska Journal of Commerce. The US Defense Logistics Agency is developing a pilot program to supply 50:50 Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuel blends to Air Force and Army units operating in Alaska, officials with the agency said 11 March at a Defense Energy Support Center conference in Anchorage.

The US Air Force has a separate project underway to evaluate a possible coal-to-liquids plants, also using the Fischer-Tropsch process, at Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks. That initiative is separate from the Defense Logistics Agency plan, which would supply the fuel to Elemendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson near Anchorage and Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks.

“Alaska is being used for the pilot program because it is an isolated region where the customer base, which includes several Air Force and Army installations, are fully committed to the program,” [Mark Iden, deputy operations director of the Defense Energy Support Center] said.

There is no preference as to where a plant to produce the fuels might be located, other than it must be US-based. An Alaska location for the plant is preferred, however, because transportation costs would be reduced. The agency also has no preference as to the type of feedstock that would be used, biomass, coal or gas.

Development of a plant to produce the fuel would be left to private industry. “This is a program to purchase these fuels,” Iden said.


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