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US$8.4 Billion for Public Transportation Infrastructure from Recovery Act

The US government has made available the $8.4 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to states and local transportation authorities to repair and build public transportation infrastructure.

Allocation of funds. Click to enlarge.

Of the $8.4 billion, $7,476,200,000 is directly apportioned; the remaining funds are targeted for oversight, tribal transit, discretionary energy funding, and new starts.

The state of New York tops the list with $1,222,252,991 allocated, followed by California with $1,068,448,693. A full list is available on the government’s new website.



I suspect had the government been using the gas tax solely for road infrastructure improvements that the roads would be in better shape. Does anyone else have facts regarding the amount of gas tax that is used for non-road projects?

Henry Gibson

Some of this money should be used to demonstrate the hybrid Parry People Mover Vehicles on the San Francisco surface Market Street line if it has the right guage. Then they can be demonstrated on an unused Draper, Utah to American Fork, Utah line as an extention of the Salt Lake City TRAX system. No improvement would be needed to begin operation, and the vehicles coal also be used on other parts of the system for light traffic. ..HG..

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