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Air Products to Build Michigan Hydrogen Plant to Supply Marathon’s Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project

Air Products, the leading global hydrogen provider, will construct a hydrogen production facility in Detroit, Mich., for Marathon Petroleum Company LLC, a subsidiary of Marathon Oil Corporation.

The steam methane reformer will have a hydrogen production capacity of more than 50 million standard cubic feet per day and is projected to be completed in the second quarter of 2012. The facility will provide hydrogen and steam for Marathon’s heavy oil upgrade project at its Detroit refinery.

Increased and reliable hydrogen supply will be important to Marathon’s heavy oil upgrade project. As more sour crude oil is brought in from sources around the world, the requirements for additional hydrogen to make cleaner burning fuels also grows.

—Alex Masetti, vice president - North America Tonnage Gases at Air Products

Marathon’s Detroit hydrogen facility is the 31st plant to be built through the global alliance between Air Products and Technip. Technip provides the design and construction expertise for steam reformers while Air Products provides the gas separation technology. The plants are operated and maintained by Air Products under long-term agreements with customers.


Will S

Interesting. They will take natural gas, use substantial energy inputs to separate out the hydrogen (which is a fuel in and of itself), and then use the hydrogen to 'upgrade' heavy sour oil.

We are coming to the point of diminishing returns; it is taking higher and higher energy inputs to produce a barrel of oil. It's clear we are in trouble when we have to go through so much refinement in order to continue our conspicuous overconsumption. And yet, our US automakers continue to release new SUVs and crossovers, and proudly announce the availability of 3.6L V6s.

I hope those reading these news articles are putting the puzzle pieces together.


How can there be money available for such a bass-akwards project, when this money should be going into BEV's ? ...stranger and stranger.


Um because gas is valuable?


Come ON wintermain.

You are ruining all the fun.

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