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Honda Insight Sales Outpacing Toyota Prius in UK

The Honda Insight, launched this month, is outselling its competitors in the hybrid market. Since going on sale on 4 April, 229 Insights have been sold in the UK, ahead of its nearest rival the Toyota Prius (198 units).

Together with Civic Hybrid (79 units), Honda (UK) has sold 308 hybrid family cars this month, despite April being known as one of the quietest months in the sales calendar.

Honda expects to sell around 7,000 Insights in the UK this year. The annual global sales target is approximately 200,000 units.



I saw one at Garcia Honda in Albuquerque last week. It was an Atomic Blue EX with Navi. With dealer extras is cost $25k.

It is a hatchback, which is nice, but it is way smaller than my Prius. I like Honda's hybrid technology (I also have a Civic Hybrid) but this looks a bit expensive for an A class automobile. You can get a nice Civic (non-hybrid) for $18k and change. It is bigger, safer, and still gets almost 30 MPG combined.

Of course I would really prefer the Tata Nano if it were available. 55MPG for $2,500.


A local dealer had 46 Honda Insight models on its lot. It was not a big dealer, about average. They had 7 cars of the base price of close to $20k. When someone wants to buy a hybrid and can chose from that many cars in one place and it is the same story for 2-3 Honda dealers in the area, you are going to sell some cars.


I spotted one just yesterday. Took the following picture of it with my cell phone:

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