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Iveco-FedEx Express: First Results of the Daily Hybrid Evaluation

Iveco and Federal Express have presented the results from the first six-month of a 10-vehicle on-road field evaluation of the Iveco Daily diesel-electric hybrid. (Earlier post.) Over the first six months of the trial, which will continue until May 2010, each vehicle covered an average of 7,900 km with a 26.5% reduction in fuel consumption and a total decrease in CO2 emissions of 7.5 tons when compared with a fleet of traditional vehicles.

The Iveco Daily Hybrid. Click to enlarge.

The Daily Hybrid combines a diesel engine with a Bosch motor and electronics and a ZF transmission in an inline parallel configuration. The battery pack is from Johnson Controls. The company is targeted approximately a 30% reduction in fuel consumption (based on operating cycle) with the standard Daily Hybrid.

Iveco worked closely with FedEx Express in the development of the hybrid diesel-electric Iveco Daily.



Fed Ex, UPS, Walmart, AT&T and others have stepped up efforts to help. Just converting their fleets to run CNG would get them off oil, which could help quickly.

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