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Natural Gas Vehicles Use Almost 1% of Natural Gas Sold in Europe

The organization NGVA Europe estimates that natural gas vehicles in Europe annually consume about 4.7 billion Nm3 of gas—about 0.9% of total natural gas sales within Europe in 2008 (517 billion Nm3, according to figures provided by Eurogas).

NGVA Europe puts the total number of natural-gas fueled vehicles (light-, medium-, and heavy-duty) at 1,039,325, with light duty cars and commercial vehicles accounting for 76% (793,857). NGVA estimates that cars account for 36.2% of the natural gas fuel use (1.7 billion Nm3).

Italy has the largest natural gas fleet, accounting for half of the European total (523,100, 50.3%), followed by Ukraine (120,000, 11.6%), Russia (103,000, 9.9%) and Armenia (101,352 9.75%).

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I wish we would get trucks and buses on natural gas here in the U.S. That would take them totally off of oil, which would lower imported oil.

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