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Nissan and Seattle to Partner on EVs and Charging Infrastructure

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels announced that the City of Seattle and Nissan North America will work together to promote the development of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Nissan has selected the Seattle-area as one of the first regions in the country to introduce a pure electric five-passenger hatchback in 2010. The vehicle will go 100 miles on a single charge and will charge in four to eight hours using a 220-volt line.

A home charging unit would be hard-wired in a garage and installed by an electrician. Nissan is also working to foster the development of quick-charging, which will fully charge the vehicle in about 26 minutes.

Under a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding, the city and Nissan will work together to promote electric vehicles in Seattle. Nissan’s role includes:

  • Make all efforts to supply electric vehicles in Seattle.
  • Establish teams of governments, businesses and nonprofits to propose a battery-charging network across the Seattle area.
  • Promote electric vehicles.

Seattle will pledge to help consumers who purchase electric vehicles get permits quickly for installing home charging stations. Also, the city intends to:

  • Consider offering incentives to owning an electric car.
  • Consider establishing incentives for a network of charging stations across the Seattle area.
  • Consider leasing or buying Nissan electric vehicles for the municipal fleet.

The city’s partnership with Nissan is not exclusive.



Nissan - Great car company and great products.
Just bought a new Z car from them and love it.

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