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Capacity Launches Pluggable Series Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor

Capacity of Texas has introduced a Pluggable Hybrid Electric Terminal Tractor (PHETT). The PHETT is a charge-sustaining series hybrid that utilizes a 40 hp constant rate generator to supply power, reducing fuel consumption by 60% and audible db by 30%.

The PHETT. Click to enlarge.

The PHETT incorporates a 225 hp (168 kW) 3-phase AC traction motor that develops 1,376 lb-ft (1,865 N·m) of torque and 220V single-phase 40 amp on-board grid-charging system. Integration and introduction of this technology into the flagship Capacity Trailer Jockey line included review and redesign of front and rear axles, steering system, frame structure, suspension and isolation of components as well as adjustments for cab interior space requirements.

Capacity of Texas, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Collins Industries, Inc., and is the largest American-owned manufacturer of terminal tractors in North America, offering a full product line of terminal trucks used throughout the world.


Henry Gibson

Does not even mention if it uses any batteries at all. But it is still a very good idea. Further fuel efficiency could be had with a very heavy flywheel built into the engine. Depleted Uranium could be used so that is was compact, but perhaps tungsten would cause less harrasment. Actually the hydraulic hybrid technology of Artemis should be investigated and used. ..HG..

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