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Sirona Fuels Launches Jatropha Community Farming in Haiti

California-based Sirona Fuels began Jatropha planting operations in Haiti over the past month in a joint venture with 3C Missions, an organization that has established a relief fund for more ethan 1,100 orphaned children in Haiti. Sirona intends to harvest and crush the Jatropha in Haiti, and refine it into a high-quality B100 Biodiesel in the United States.

Sirona’s nursery operations include planting multiple strains of seeds and seedlings that will be intercropped with Moringa trees. Moringa leaves are high in protein and nutrients and can be simply processed into a micronutrient powder.

Sirona will not take ownership of the Haitian Jatropha farms, but rather form a partnership by providing the equipment, seeds, seedlings and technical advice necessary to grow commercially viable Jatropha. The Sirona Cares foundation is also ramping up its activities in the communities in which the Sirona Fuels community farms are located. Among other activities it is distributing medical supplies and mosquito nets to assist communities that are trying to rebuild after last year’s devastating hurricanes.

Sirona Fuels’ refinery operations are in Oakland, CA. The company currently produces an ASTM-spec biodiesel from its used cooking oil collection and refining business and is expanding its feedstock intake to include jatropha.



Growing liquid fuels could help the third world countries to raise their living standards, but will we (the industrial countries) allow it?

Instead, will Jathropa become just another coffee, banana and sugar cane etc extreme low wage industry?

Place your bet...

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