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Renault-Nissan EV Collaboration with Ireland and ESB

Irish Energy Minister Eamon Ryan announced a new collaboration between the Government, the semi-state electricity supplier ESB and the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the adoption of electric vehicles and the development of the requisite supporting infrastructure. Renault-Nissan EVs are targeted to be in Ireland in two years.

Some months ago, I announced the Government target to move to at 10% target of electric vehicles by 2020. Today’s Memorandum of Understanding will help us not only realize, but surpass this target.

—Minister Ryan

The Memoranda of Understanding (signed by Minister Ryan on behalf of the Government) and by Padraig McManus (for ESB) will create favorable conditions for the distribution of electric vehicles to the Irish market by Renault-Nissan. The Irish Government’s intentions are not product-exclusive.

ESB Chief Executive Padraig McManus said that ESB will roll out a charging network to support the development.


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