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Tesla station. A public station with charging ports for more types of Electric Vehicles (EVs) than anything before it opened Saturday in Woodland, CA near Sacramento. Teslas, RAV4 EVs, Ford Rangers, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, even EV conversions can be charged at the six-port station, in the parking lot of the new Woodland Gateway Shopping Center.

Tesla RAV Charging
Tesla and RAV4 EV charging at the new station. Click to enlarge.

The public “free of charge” electric vehicle charging station hosts one Tesla charger, two Avcons (useable, with an adaptor, for all EVs that require conductive charging, including conversions), and one SPI (Small Paddle Inductive charger) plus two Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) standard chargers.

The opening of the station, a brainchild of the Electric Auto Assn. (EAA), Greater Sacramento Chapter, and a Davis-based EV group, marks the beginnings of “California’s electric highway,” says Plug In America board member Jay Friedland, and includes the first public Tesla charger, according to Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad.

It is roughly halfway between the Silicon Valley and the Reno-Tahoe area, especially convenient for a Tesla, which could easily make the trip with just one charge at the new station. Plug-in America estimates that some 200-300 EVs of various types are located within 100 miles of the site, which will accommodate all new EVs and PHEVs.

While the EV groups provided the idea, consultation and two chargers for the site, it was put in place by mall developer Petrovich Development as a requirement of the City of Woodland's Environmental Impact Report.

Sierra Nevada Brewing. Coulomb Technologies announced that Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has installed its ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations at its brewery in Chico, CA. The two charging stations are available for patrons and employees of the brewery with electric vehicles. Sierra Nevada is the first corporation to install the ChargePoint networked charging stations.

Coulomb’s charging stations are part of Sierra Nevada’s sustainability initiatives that include solar, fuel cells, recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation and transportation improvements.



Great to see this, finally.
And a good promotional thing for a mall to have, and to attract deep pocketed customers.
Only too bad there are already so many types of changers. Standardization needed.
Can't wait to see these pop up all over the country.


Presumably there is just enough time at the Brewery ChargePoint to enjoy a cold brew (just one please) while charging your EV. Nicely done folks.

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