SCOPE Biofuels Project Releases Assessment on Environmental Effects of Biofuel Technologies
Perspective: Shoddy Environmental Bookkeeping—Biofuels and Indirect Land Use Change


Joe in MD

With the new Honda at $20K and the Toyota Prius at $26K (and, supposedly to be dropped to compete with Honda) and even the Ford Focus at $30K, how does Chevrolet expect to compete with a $40K Volt?


Well, they don't. The Volt is a "halo" car that shows they get it and are doing something. It is not just a "me too" Prius-like hybrid. GM had the chance to build the PNGV car, but they did not. Toyota watched the PNGV program and built the Prius. The rest is history.


SJC - you got it right!

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