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Obama to Nominate “Father of Green Chemistry” to head EPA R&D

President Barack Obama announced that he intends to nominate Dr. Paul T. Anastas to head the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development in the post of Assistant Administrator.

Dr. Anastas, considered the ”Father of Green Chemistry“ is the Teresa and H. John Heinz III Professor in the Practice of Chemistry for the Environment at Yale University and also the Director of the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.

Anastas focuses his research at Yale on the design of safer chemicals, bio-based polymers and new methodologies of chemical synthesis that are more efficient and less hazardous to the environment. Among other benefits, his research has created economic incentives to reduce industrial waste. He has published widely on topics of science through sustainability. His nine books include “Benign by Design,” “Designing Safer Polymers,” “Green Engineering” and his seminal work with co-author John Warner, “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice.

Trained as a synthetic organic chemist, Anastas is credited with establishing the field of green chemistry—a term he coined in 1991—during his time working for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where he was the chief of the Industrial Chemistry Branch and director of the US Green Chemistry Program.

Previously he served in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President in both the Clinton and Bush administrations from 1999 to 2004, most recently as the Assistant Director for Environment.



He seems well qualified and science based. This will be a welcome change to the Bush EPA, which got rid of the head because she would not go along with their environmental 'policies'.

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