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Canadian Government Proceeding With Ethanol Mandate

The Canadian government is proceeding with regulations requiring a minimum 5% ethanol blend (E5) in the country’s gasoline by September 2010, according to a report in the Globe and Mail.

Environment Minister Jim Prentice has won cabinet approval to proceed with regulations requiring refiners to include at least 5 per cent ethanol in their gasoline by September, 2010, sources say...The department has invited the industry to a briefing this week in which officials will outline how the government intends to proceed.

...Ottawa claims Canadian grain-based biofuels can reduce emissions by 40 per cent compared to gasoline. But it has not begun to factor in indirect land-use emissions, a highly controversial measure of greenhouse gas emissions that result from deforestation and increased land cultivation needed to feed the demand for biofuels.

A 5% mandate would represent about 2 billion liters (528 million gallons US) annually—a volume that is 50% higher than Canada currently produces.



Why would a country, with enough oil reserves for 1000+ years, use edible food stocks to produce fuel for its oversized inefficient gas guzzlers?

Electrified vehicles are going to be around and ICE machines will be replaced (by 90% +) much before Canada runs out of oil.

It does not make sense unless the biofuel-ethanol-butanol is made from CO2 and unwanted wastes.

What is so glorious about grain based ethanol production? Is there somthing we don't know? Are the farm lobbies involved to get much higher prices for grains?


great just another way to kill my fuel consumption, thanks Harper I'll be sure to always vote against you for life!

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