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Cyclone Power Technologies Signs Deal with Renovalia Energy for Solar Thermal Engines

Cyclone Power Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of external combustion engines (earlier post), has signed a license agreement with Renovalia Energy, S.A., based in Madrid, Spain.

Schoell cycle schematic. Click to enlarge.

Under the agreement, Cyclone will design with Renovalia a compact, high-efficiency Schoell Cycle external heat engine to be coupled with Renovalia’s proprietary thermoelectric solar stations.

The Spanish energy company plans to manufacture prototypes and then, if tests prove viable, production models of the engine, called Cyclone Solar I, which could be deployed worldwide with their solar stations within a year.

The license provides for Cyclone to receive upfront design fees and on-going royalties for its engines.

Renovalia’s power portfolio currently produces more than 500 MW of renewable energy, inclusive of solar, wind and hydroelectric projects in Europe and the Americas. Renovalia has built the largest photovoltaic farm in the world in Ciudad Real, Spain, with total installed power of 49.7 MW.


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