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Long Beach Transit Puts 25 New Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Buses in Service

Long Beach (California) Transit (LBT) has put 25 new gasoline-electric hybrid buses into service. The addition of these newly designed hybrid buses brings Long Beach Transit’s 40-foot hybrid fleet total to 87 buses, for a nearly 50% hybrid 40-foot fleet.

The New Flyer of America buses use the ISE Corporation ThunderVolt hybrid drive system, as do the earlier 62 hybrids in the LBT fleet. This order was part of the Montebello Consortium program initiated in 2007 for the purchase of 150 gasoline hybrid-electric 40-foot buses. (Earlier post.) This is a Federal Transit Administration pooled procurement program that provides 90% Federal funding to participating agencies.

The series hybrid drive uses a Ford ULEV 6.8-liter V-10 gasoline engine mated to a Siemens ELFA generator and motor system. Energy is stored either in an ultracapacitor or battery pack.

Long Beach Transit serves more than 28 million annual boarding customers in the Long Beach area.


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