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Mitsui Chemicals Begins Operations of Pilot Plant for Methanol Synthesis from CO2

Mitsui Chemicals (MCI) has begun operating its pilot plant for synthesizing methanol from CO2. (Earlier post.) The pilot plant will produce approximately 100 tonnes of methanol per year as a base material for plastics from the CO2 released during ethylene production at the Osaka Works petrochemical complex.

In MCI’s CSR Report 2008, Masaki Ueyama, from MCI’s ENergy & Utility Unit Planning and Coordination Division, said the MCI estimates that it can convert half of the CO2 emissions sequestered from its plants into methanol.

The process relies on hydrogen obtained from water photolysis and ultra-high activity electrocatalysts consisting of zinc oxide and copper.



I previously mentioned that some chemical companies left the U.S. because of unpredictable natural gas prices. Maybe this will stabilize the price of the methanol feed stock required by so many companies.

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