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Modec, the British manufactured electric van (earlier post), says that it will soon be the first commercial electric vehicle to gain EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (EC WVTA). This will see Modec granted full N2 EC Type Approval, allowing it to sell its vehicles in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval.

All tests have been completed and final paperwork is being processed. The approval is important to Modec’s expansion plans—dealers are being set up in The Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain and Denmark thanks to strong market demand for the unique electric commercial vehicle.

Modec chose Millbrook to undertake the type approval program. The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) worked closely with Modec and Millbrook during the certification process.

Type Approval is a process of ensuring that vehicles meet the required environmental and safety standards outlined in the relevant EEC Directives and ECE regulations. Historically, European Type Approval has been available to M1 passenger cars, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. Other types of vehicle, including electric, needed to gain Type Approval, where required, from each individual member country. From the end of April (2009), a change in legislation made it possible to Type Approve all cars, buses, commercial vehicles and trailers, so that one Type Approval will be valid in all EU member states.

Modec vehicles are purpose-designed around a large, removable battery cassette. Modec currently offer two battery options; 60 mile range (Lithium-iron Phosphate batteries) and 100 mile range (“Zebra&rduqo; Sodium Nickel Chloride batteries) A higher range Lithium-iron Phosphate pack is also in development and will be available later in 2009.


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