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South Korea-based Nesscap Co., Ltd. recently introduced a new family of ultracapacitor cylindrical cells. The five cells range in capacitance from 650 farads to 3000 farads with operating voltage of 2.7 volts and standard screw or welded terminal connections.

The NESSCAP ultracapacitors. Click to enlarge.

Dr. M. Cho, Nesscap’s president and chief executive officer, said that the new cells were developed and engineered specifically to address two foundational challenges that effect overall performance and life of ultracapacitors.

High cycling applications that require the lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) with the highest efficiency and the real application challenges of severe shock, rotation and vibration that are critical to all motive applications. After extensive testing and validation, we believe our internal patented construction will set a new standard in the industry and address the foundational challenges while providing a simple and tested pathway to design engineers for integration into their energy storage requirements.

—Dr. M. Cho

Representative market applications for these new products include multiple hybrid platforms for automobiles, buses, trucks and trains, industrial telecommunications buffering and back up as well as windmill shaving and large solar energy systems.


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