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Modification to Waxman/Markey Bill Allows States to Use 10% of Funding for Transportation Projects

US Reps. Henry A. Waxman, James L. Oberstar, Anthony D. Weiner, Earl Blumenauer, and Doris Matsui announced a new agreement that would allow states to use up to 10% of funding allowances from the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) (H.R. 2454, the energy and cap-and-trade bill, earlier post) to invest in clean transportation projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bill is scheduled for a House vote on Friday.

Under ACES, states will receive allowances for clean energy and energy efficiency investments. In the original legislation, these allowances could be used for purposes such as building retrofits to increase efficiency, investments in renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar panels, or for establishing a Smart Grid. However, the original legislation did not provide any of these allowances to the transportation sector.

Under the new language, states can use allowances to fulfill the state matching requirement to receive federal funds for projects like public transportation systems, clean fuel buses, or construction of bicycle facilities.



This is like saying, if you buy our Ponzi scheme - we'll give you free ice cream for a year!

According to an analysis by climatologist Chip Knappenberger utilizing the EPA funded MAGICC: Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse-gas Induced Climate Change, developed by Dr. Tom Wigley and scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research – IF the Waxman/Markey bill were implemented and achieved a 80% reduction in CO2 by 2050 – it would result in a “savings” of only 0.05ºC!

“By the year 2050, the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill would result in a global temperature “savings” of about 0.05ºC regardless of the IPCC scenario used—this is equivalent to about 2 years’ worth of warming. By the year 2100, the emissions pathways become clearly distinguishable, and so to do the impacts of Waxman-Markey. Assuming the IPCC mid-range scenario (A1B) Waxman-Markey would result in a projected temperature rise of 2.847ºC, instead of 2.959ºC rise— a mere 0.112ºC temperature “savings.”

The Goracle

Watch how the Obama/Reid/Pelosi administration add $3000 ANNUALLY to the bills of the working poor with their Cap and Tax scheme. A heartless bunch, Obama/Reid/Pelosi et. al. Since the Earth has been cooling for the past ten years this can only be about the $$$$$$$$$ and controling people's lives. SHAME on you Obama/Reid/Pelosi.

Nat Pearre

So I'm confused... Sulleny says that we're expecting 2.959ºC of temperature rise, but the Goracle says that it's cooling?

??? Which troll should I believe ???


That $3000 number was cooked up by the wrong wing nuts. It is actually less than $300 for getting rid of some of the worst polluters and promoting cleaner renewable energy.

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