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The French environment agency ADEME is awarding €57 million (US$80 million) via its technology demonstrator to 11 low-carbon vehicle projects selected through an initial call for expressions of interest. The projects include light- and heavy-duty applications, and hybrid or electric powertrains. A second call for expressions of interest for research projects on vehicle decarbonization ends 26 June. Projects selected will be announced in the fall and receive awards totalling €50 million.

The projects selected for the first round of funding are:

  • VELROUE project, developed by Michelin, Renault and IFP, is a research demonstrator to demonstrate the feasibility of a vehicle equipped with dual, non-hybrid combustion engine-electric motor system. A rear-wheel motor and battery pack will provide electric mobility in urban areas

  • FOREWHEEL, presented by Michelin, Heuliez and CEA, will develop weight-optimized EVs featuring in-wheel electric motors with full braking and suspension functionality.

  • HYDOLE, proposed by PSA, Freescale and EDF, is working on a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with an all-electric range of 50-70 km (31-43 miles).

  • MHYGALE, proposed Valeo, PSA and Freescale, is developing an affordable mild hybrid solution that will offer Stop-Start, regenerative braking and torque assist functions.

  • VEGA/THOP, is led by Valeo and Renault and aims to improve the range of electric and hybrid vehicles, particularly in extreme temperatures, by offering innovative thermal systems which drastically reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool the passenger compartment. Two Renault Mégane-type demonstration electric vehicles will be developed by 2011.

  • DHRT2 (Démonstrateur Hybride Rechargeable Toyota II): Toyota, EDF, Ecoles des Mines, and the INES are fielding a test fleet of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with innovative recharging infrastructure in urban areas.

  • VELECTA. Aixam, the ECA and INRETS, are demonstrating light electric vehicles. The consortium wants to integrate new technologies for lithium batteries and electronic control of battery performance.

  • QUAT’ODE: Véléance and CAR&D will construct a light quadricycle electric vehicle for urban deliveries.

  • WATT, developed by the PSI, is developing demonstrator buses using supercapacitors for energy storage.

  • Melody, proposed by Renault Trucks, PVI and the IFP, will build 3 heavy-duty hybrid demonstrators in various configurations (for urban delivery vehicles, refrigerated vehicles , refuse collection vehicles).

  • ElLiSup is a project of Irisbus-Iveco, Michelin, EDF, CEA, ERCTEEL, RECUPYL, RATP, INRETS and the IFP. This project aims to test two types of demonstrators: a hybrid bus and an all-electric bus that will achieve a operating cost close to that of diesel.


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