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Azure Dynamics Partners with Champion Bus

Azure Dynamics Corporation has entered an agreement with Champion Bus that enables Champion customers and dealers the option to select Azure’s Balance Hybrid Electric Drivetrain System (earlier post) in Ford E-450 Shuttle Buses they order from Champion.

Champion ordered its first Azure Balance Hybrid Electric chassis last fall and has installed their Challenger Body on the product. The completed bus will be displayed at the upcoming Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) Expo in Providence, Rhode Island during the first week of June. The CTAA Expo is one of the largest annual events for shuttle bus manufacturers and users.

Champion customers that select the Balance Hybrid Electric can expect up to 40% improvement in fuel economy and up to 30% reduction in maintenance costs. The hybrid drive train also reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 30%.

Champion Bus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thor Industries, Inc., a major builder of commercial buses.



These special projects will last a few years, but if Azure wants long term viability, they will get in the OEM game like other suppliers and make motors and controllers for the auto industry.

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