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Petrobras: New Well Confirms 5-8 Billion Barrel Light Oil Potential in Tupi

Petrobras announced that the drilling of another well in the Tupi area reinforces the estimations of the potential for 5 to 8 billion barrels of recoverable light oil and natural gas in the pre-salt reservoirs of that area, in ultra-deep Santos Basin waters. (Earlier post.) The well is still being drilled in search of deeper objectives.

Map of the location of the Iracema discovery. Click to enlarge.

Located 33 km northeast of the pioneering I-RJS-628 drilling, the new well, called 4-BRSA-711-RJS (4-RJS-647), confirmed the presence of good quality reservoirs and of oil similar to that found in the Tupi pioneering well, reinforcing the initial estimations for the area.

Informally known as Iracema, this third well is located in the Tupi Assessment Plan area, in waters where the depth is 2,210 meters from the water line, some 250 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The discovery was proved via light oil (approximately 30º API) samplings from reservoirs located at a depth of some 5,000 meters and communicated to the National Petroleum Agency (NPA).

After completing the drilling, the Consortium, formed by Petrobras (65% - Operator), BG Group (25%) and Galp (10%) to explore block BM-S-11 where Tupi is located, will carry on with the activities and investments called for in the Assessment Plan which was approved by the NPA and which foresees the drilling of other wells in the area.



Quick, let's get all that we can and burn as much as we can as quickly as possible. Just kidding, but sometimes that seems to be how people act. The oil takes 100 million years to form, but we have to pump it up and burn it before someone else does.


Since the US government won't allow extended / additional offshore drilling in the Pacific, Gulf & Atlantic - at least we'll have another supplier of oil that doesn't support terror and/or communism. I'd much rather get oil from Brazil than the Middle East or Chi-Coms (if China starts drilling off the coast of Cuba then turns around & sells it to the US) or Hugo Chavez or Nigeria at this point.


ejj, listen to Rush Limbaugh much? Chi coms? Have you been in a Wal Mart in the last decade?

SJC, you are right on. Think of the stupid people in America that cut down every damn tree they could get their hands on in the late 19th early 20th century. What will people 100 years from now think about us?

When Rush Limbaugh spouts every day "the us government will not allow offshore drilling", the mouth breathers do not understand that this is a democracy and some smart people like SJC do not want to burn everything just for the sake of burning it. Funny how he supposedly hates "Chi'Coms" but he takes their advertising dollars.


Not drilling for oil but buying it from Brazil is indeed better than buying oil from the Mid East, China or Russia.

Drilling for our own and taxing it to reduce consumption and keep almost all the money here is even better and means we can afford expensive research and development toward renewable energy.

Not drilling is like giving your credit card away to reduce spending..


Better yet, using less and using alternatives could be even better. The oil will still be there on the 68 million acres in the U.S. under oil leases that have not been drilled. If we make celluose biofuels running E85 FFV hybrids that get 40-50 mpg, I think that is better. We can use our oil to make polymers or for other uses and make it go farther. Instead, we madly pump it out and import it as high cost, burn it and blow it out the tail pipes of huge SUVs as fast as we can....odd behavior.


@ Toppa: that's really what I was getting at. Importing Chi-com products sold at Wal-Mart is totally different than potentially importing oil & gas from Chinese drill rigs off the coast of Cuba (off the coast of Florida). American jobs, tax revenue, energy independence & stable oil prices apparently don't mean a whole hell of a lot to the US government, especially during these rough economic times.


ejj and toppatom, can you explain how a free market economy works? I promise you that Rush and Hannity have no clue so when you repeat their lies you sound foolish.

Do you really think that buying oil from one corporation versus another corporation makes any difference to the US economy? Heed the words of SJC. The energy stored in oil should be stretched out over centuries instead of being burned as quickly as possible. We have a responsibility to future generations not to destroy every freaking resource we can get our hands on, just for the fun of it.

Conservation and fuel efficiency are a big part of the answers. Arriving at your destination in a car that get 12 mpg versus 50 mpg does not increase your level of happiness. Drill Baby Drill is a sara palin political slogan for people at her IQ level. You can see who it works on.

ejj, the use of the term "ChiCom" is not only racist, but it is ridiculous. The leaders of this country (both political parties were involved) "outsourced" as much of our industrial production to China as they could. In the span of about 15 years we have lost a huge percentage of our industrial capacity. The Chinese government is no doubt totalitarian, but to call them "commies" is nonsensical. What you should be calling them is competitor. There are a lot of them and now they want energy as well.


Not to get too far afield in the discussion, we had a chance to automate in the 70s but inflation and high interest rates caused them to go for low wage labor.

When you make $20 per hour and they make $1 per hour, but there are 20 times more of them than you, you get everyone making $1 per hour. However, their homes cost $10k and our homes cost $200k, you do the math and see who wins....we all lose except the people benefiting from the low cost labor. I will leave it to you to figure out who those people would be.


@ JFTF: Chi-Com, as in Chinese Communist, is as racist as Ameri-Cap, American Capitalist. As for burning oil "as quickly as possible", if we wanted to do that, everything in our world would be powered by oil & we would simply leave everything turned on, including our cars, all the time - so we aren't using it "as quickly as possible". With respect to storing the energy in oil & stretching it out over centuries - if you want to buy your own and conserve it, great...but you have no right telling me how to use what I buy; if I want to buy gas guzzlers because I can afford to & buy all the gas I can afford from someone that wants to sell it to me at a price we agree on & burn it "as quickly as possible", that is my right - the essence of free market consumerism & capitalism. When oil runs out, some enterpreneur will have incentives (via demand) to supply a different energy product to the market & try to make a profit. However, our national security should be based on sources of energy from within our borders, which creates different dynamics with the supply & demand for energy. If Cuba & the ChiComs and Hugo Chavez & the Brazilians are all drilling offshore & finding new sources of oil, why shouldn't we drill around the entire US? Talk about stabilizing oil prices from the speculators, creating jobs & new tax revenue.


ejj you have demonstrated that you are ruled by ideology instead of facts.

You obviously do NOT have the right to burn as much energy as you want (clean air laws, CAFE, etc.), but why would you want to do that anyway? Does it really make anybody happy to drive a Hummer?

No doubt there is a selfish Limbaugh mindset of "the earth is mine to destroy" but as a society hopefully we will reject this. As far as national security... who exactly are you securing the nation from? Don't live in fear of your shadow.

As far as your description of "the essence of free market consumerism & capitalism." Please read Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations... you have really missed the point. Free market economics are based on the theory of each individual pursuing their own best interests in turn creating the most "good" (market equilibrium). It is theoretical and its assumptions are impossible to achieve (information is symetrical?)

Burning all of the energy just because you like fire is selfish and childish. Rush Limbaugh and Sara Palin don't care because they are dumb. You do not have to listen to the idealogs... the information is out there to make an informed choice.


@ JFTF: Who said anything about "destroying the earth"? AlGore isn't a scientist & doesn't espouse anything scientific - esp. anything that is actually based on the scientific method and experimentation. As for limitations on consumption, of course there are going to be boundaries. But if I set up a bunch of engines on a farm in the country and wanted to run them 24/7 just because I liked the sound & had the money to pay for gas the rest of my life, the government isn't going to stop me - they would love to collect their gas taxes, especially now. This would not be selfish either - it's about life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. I could say you are ignorant & arrogant for assuming that you know what is best for me or assuming that burning fossil fuels is bad for the planet just because AlGore thinks so.


Once again you make ideological arguments and present them as facts.

1. Al Gore is a scientist. Just because Rush, Palin and Gingrich tell you he isn't doesn't make it so. Many great political leaders were scientists... Franklin and Jefferson being two examples. I think it is funny that your leaders tell you to reject science based on ideology.

2. Depleting all of the planet's natural resources is destroying the planet. Cutting down all of the trees or burning all of the fossil fuels are examples of destroying the planet.

3. I could give a crap about what is good for you. Your dream of burning oil because you think it will bring you happiness is just about the saddest thing I have ever read. Maybe stuff like this makes you popular at the tea baggin parties but it is sick.



"at least we'll have another supplier of oil that doesn't support terror and/or communism."

I didn't realize we buy oil from Israel.


@ JLBGT: AlGore = snake oil salesman / conman; no one is cutting down "all" the trees (unless you lived on Easter Island many years ago), and there is no science to prove burning fossil fuels causes harm; "burning [American] oil" does make me happy - but I admit I would be happier with a cheaper renewable alternative, like cellulosic biofuel from miscanthus or sweet sorghum.

@ Mannheim: uhhh that would be Brazil.


Sorry, just because limbaugh, palin, hannity, etc. tell you something doesn't mean it is true. Try to not use the ideological lens on every issue.

Check out this leftist website

Read about deforestation

But seriously, any fool that gets turned on by burning things needs to be in an asylum and probably is to deranged to do anything unless they are instructed by Limbaugh.

Andrey Levin

Funny thing: among countries importing bulk of their oil there is only one which restricts domestic oil production.


@ JLBGT: I trust the ICCC much more than the IPCC... Again, you have no science to prove your claims and continue to behave like a kool-aid drinking cult member of Jim Jones, or member of the Heaven's Gate cult. When you are actually ready to support your claims with research from real scientists that actually use the scientific method, come talk to us.


Hmmm.  8 billion barrels possible in Tupi, and world oil consumption is around 85 million barrels/day.

Tupi will put off the end of the oil age by AS MUCH AS 94 DAYS!  Party on, people.


by using a Gas Guzzler just because you like it, you are reducing the survival possibilities of your children and grandchildren.
Peak Oil and Peak Stupidity !!

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