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Report: Nissan to Build EVs and Batteries in US

The Nikkei reports that Nissan Motor Co. plans to begin production of electric vehicles, including their batteries, with an eye on tapping US government funding.

Plans call for new electric-car assembly lines to be built at a plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, the location of Nissan North America Inc.’s headquarters. This facility will be capable of churning out 50,000 to 100,000 of the eco-friendly vehicles a year by 2012. It is expected to first produce a small passenger car, with additional models to be added later.

Nissan intends to construct a production facility for high-capacity lithium ion batteries at the Smyrna site by joining hands with the NEC Corp. group. Although the batteries will initially be supplied only to Nissan, the plant may be expanded to accommodate orders from other firms. The facility may eventually produce enough batteries to equip 200,000 vehicles a year.



This is good.
I know they won't pay their executives too much.
Nissan does not give excessive bonuses.
All the important things - Life will be good.
We were better off before we were industrialized anyway.
And finally, after no more than a few billion, they probably won’t get any more of our money.
By “our” I don’t mean US citizens’, I don’t mean voters', I mean minoritys’ (taxpayers’) money.


"We were better off before we were industrialized anyway."

That is an odd statement, but most of your statement is odd. If you are trying to make statements that people will refute, you need to go to other blogs. This site deals with rational statements.


Thank you SJC for a much needed post. Some people are not intelligent enough to recognize a polite suggestion.

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