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Nuvera to Deliver Fuel Cell Power Systems and Hydrogen Refueling Station to H-E-B

Nuvera Fuel Cells has sold 14 PowerEdge fuel cell systems, along with a complete PowerTap Hydrogen Generator and Hydrogen Station, to H-E-B in San Antonio, Texas. The fuel cell units will power Class II forklift trucks used for the company’s distribution center operations.

Delivery is scheduled for September, 2009. Partial funding is being provided by the Department of Energy’s hydrogen and fuel cell market transformation initiative.

The units will be placed in service at the San Antonio Perishables Distribution Center (PDC), and will enable H-E-B to validate lifecycle cost projections, productivity gains, and environmental benefits of the Total Power Solution.

The Total Power Solution for material handling features PowerEdge, a fuel cell hybrid system that replaces standard lead acid batteries in forklift trucks, and PowerTap, a hydrogen generator and hydrogen station that provide cost effective on-site refueling. PowerTap produces hydrogen at a total cost of $6/kg, based on average national utility rates, including federal incentives and all capital, operation, installation and maintenance costs.

H-E-B, with sales of more than $15 billion, operates more than 300 stores in Texas and Mexico.



This is like Honda Clarity home refueling station. You use electric and or natural gas and use the H2 locally. If you use it for forklifts and them some cars later, that would be good.


While I am somewhat pro h2 I must point out the 6 buck number only works out that way because the one refueler is refueling dozens of forklifts every day of the year. They would likely need to scale it down a ton to make it workable in a home or scale it up a ton to make it work at a gas station and likely both those would bleep up the cost metrics. Still it is surprisingly good.. unless they are using dodgy electric rates...

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