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Renault and EDF Sign Agreement on Power Line Communication for Recharging Plug-ins

Renault and EDF strengthened their collaboration on zero-emission electric vehicles with an agreement on power line communication (PLC) enabling communication between charging terminals and electric vehicles.

This EDF-developed technology enables the secure exchange of data between charging terminal and the vehicle, including vehicle identification and billing details. Renault will carry out integration tests of this system with its future vehicles.

The two describe this as a concrete step forward that will contribute to the development of the electric vehicle market in France.

The two companies originally signed an agreement to partner on the development of electric vehicles in October 2008.



I started to write a comment for this and discovered it is more complex than I had initially considered.

Nontheless, I still think there is a place for coin operated public power meters. At abut 16 euro cents / Kwh, a 1 or 2 euro coin should buy a reasonable amount of power. These would be "time of day" aware (for rate changing). Perhaps, you could tell them how long you would be at the location. Perhaps it would also be a parking meter, in which case, this would be known already.

After that, it gets more complex.

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