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Sanyo To Hike NiMH Battery Output 3.5x in FY09 Due to Hybrid Car Demand

Nikkei. Sanyo Electric Co. will more than triple its production of NiMH batteries for hybrids, citing growing demand for these vehicles.

In fiscal 2008, Sanyo made such batteries for hybrid cars at a rate of 1 million units a month. And when it announced its business results in mid-May, the company said it would boost production by 150% and make 2.5 million units a month in fiscal 2009. But now, Sanyo has decided to boost production by 250% to a monthly rate of 3.5 million batteries in fiscal 2009.

It said it will invest several billion yen to expand production lines at its Sumoto plant, in Hyogo Prefecture, which is the only plant where it makes NiMH batteries for hybrid cars.

Sanyo supplies NiMH batteries to Honda and Ford, and is looking for more customers.


Raymond Bonnaterre

Note : 3.5 millions cells per month in 2010 will be equivalent to 500 000 Insight type 101V (84 cells) battery packs per year.


With Sanyo/Panasonic going all out producing batteries for HEVs, they might have enough for the car makers for now. If they get into PHEV and EV that may put a strain on production. Maybe not EV in high volume right now, but ramping up HEV AND PHEV for more than 1 million cars per year each could prove a challenge, whether NiMH or Lithium Ion.


I hope this means costs are coming in line.

Contrary to the old joke, they cannot actually lose a little on each battery and make it up in volume.

And I am reluctant to invest in an EV where breakeven takes 7 years.

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