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Shell Trials Selling E10 Formulated With Cellulosic Ethanol

For one month, starting 10 June, the regular gasoline purchased at a Shell service station in Ottawa, Ontario will contain 10% cellulosic ethanol. The biofuel is produced locally from non-food raw materials at Iogen Energy Corporation’s demonstration plant, using advanced conversion processes.

Iogen has been producing cellulosic ethanol at its Ottawa demonstration plant since 2004. Iogen and Shell are partners in the plant, which now produces 40,000 liters (10,566 gallons US) of fuel per month.

Iogen also develops, manufactures and markets enzymes used to modify and improve the processing of natural fibers within the textile, animal feed and pulp and paper industries.

Cellulosic ethanol, as an end fuel, is identical to ethanol but it can offer up to 90% less lifecycle CO2 emissions than gasoline. Shell says that it represents a key part of its strategic investment and development program in sustainable biofuels.



YES! From little acorns mighty trees are born. Hallelujah and praise the lord (just kidding guys:) May the wind be at their backs in the pursuit of cellulose E85!


A gas station nearby had regular no-lead at about $2.95, E85 at about $2.65.  The discount is nowhere near enough to compensate for the lower fuel economy of E85, plus the US taxpayer is subsidizing it.

Ethanol is a boondoggle.


I'm tired of people saying ethanol is a boondoggle. Corn ethanol is a boondoggle...cellulosic non-food based ethanol is not. We should stop the subsidies for corn ethanol - divert that money as grants for cellulosic production facilities.


..and what sort of impact does E10 have on fuel economy?

This stuff hasn't come to the UK yet, but you can bet that when it does arrive in rip off Britain it will be dressed up as a new brand of Super Unleaded, due to the effect of Ethanol in increasing Octane levels.

Normal unleaded at Shell has now hit £1 per litre ($6.35 per US gallon). Super is around £1.10 ($6.90 per US gallon), so I would expect the latter.

Hence would I pay over $100 (as it costs now) to fill up my avarage sized car to get less mileage? No thanks!

richard schumacher

Cost per distance matters more than fuel economy. If Shell have any sense they'll not dress it up as super/premium, they'll use it simply to correct the octane of low-octane petrol and sell the blend as regular unleaded.


I'm all for using kudzu, switch grass, and poplar trees to produce butanol. Hold the corn and forget the ethanol.

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