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B4 Requirement Goes Into Effect in Brazil

Brazil’s requirement for a 4% biodiesel blend (B4) goes into effect today. The country began with a 2% requirement in January 2008, which was subsequently increased to 3%.

Today, Brazil has 43 plants installed and allowed to produce and sell biodiesel with a total production capacity of nearly 3.6 billion liters (951 million gallons US) of biodiesel per year. Family farmers are responsible for about 15% of the production of raw materials towards the Brazilian industry of biodiesel. The Social Fuel Seal has been granted to 31 plants, which were responsible for more than 90% of contracted volume in auctions.

Brazil is expanding the participation of family farming in the production of different oilseeds, anticipating the next expansion in blend requirement to 5% (B5).



And away goes the forest: it's good money to farm and sell the oilseeds, but you need place and good soil for that... hey look! Here's a forest, let's burn it down, the ashes will fertilize the soil and then we can farm...

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