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The acronym is the same, but the US Department of Energy’s renamed 15th DEER conference (DEER 2009), to be held in Dearborn, Michigan 3-6 August, will feature a greatly expanded program extending well beyond its origin in diesel engine emissions reduction to include other engine technologies, advanced combustion processes, and fuels.

The agenda for DEER 2009 is the most comprehensive of any DEER Conference to date. Diesel technology remains the major focus of the conference, but DEER 2009 will now delve deeper into many other technologies, including gasoline engines, renewable and alternative fuels, homogenous charge compression ignition, and thermoelectrics for vehicle applications.

—Gurpreet Singh, Conference Chair

Starting out as the Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction workshops in the early 1990s, and later as the Diesel Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research conferences, DEER has helped the DOE national laboratories and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to better understand problem areas and overcome barriers to diesel commercialization. DEER has evolved into a conference that many in the diesel community have said is currently the best diesel technology conference.

This year, DOE has renamed the conference to “Directions in Engine-Efficiency and Emissions Research”. DEER 2009 highlights research results on advanced engine combustion processes which promise better than diesel engine efficiencies and lower engine-out emissions followed by exhaust aftertreatment approaches promising to lower the cost of controlling emissions. Cleaner fuels, biofuels, high-performance lubricants, vehicular application of thermoelectrics, and engine system optimization round out the DEER technical program agenda this year.

Due to a Federal agency policy prohibiting the collection of conference registration fees, there are no registration fees to attend the DEER 2009 Conference. Attendees have the option to select a registration type that incorporates a voluntary food and beverage charge.


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