Denbury Undertakes Midwest CO2 Pipeline Feasibility Study
DOE, RTI to Design and Build Coal Syngas Cleanup System for IGCC Power Plants to Reduce Cost of Removing Contaminants, Capturing CO2; Potential for Synthetic Chemicals and Fuels

DOT Awards for Transit Improvements Include Support for Purchase of 81 Hybrid Buses

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) on 9 July announced that $961.3 million in Recovery Act funds will go to improve state and local transit systems in the United States. The 9 July awards will support the purchase of 81 hybrid transit buses, among other projects:

  • City of Santa Rosa, CA: $4.2 million for paratransit services, solar bus shelters and partial funding of a 40-foot hybrid electric bus.
  • Santa Clara Valley (CA) Transportation Authority: $47.5 million to purchase seventy-five 40-foot hybrid replacement buses and for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bus stop improvements.
  • Lansing, MI: $7.1 Million will be used to purchase five 40-foot hybrid electric buses, four 29-foot diesel buses, two articulated diesel buses, and to rehabilitate fifteen 40-foot diesel buses. Some of the funds will also rehabilitate the CATA facility including repaving certain areas on the site and making locations more accessible for people with mobility impairments.



Some of the ARRA money could dg toward NG conversion of every city and school bus with some hybrids as well, clean the air, reduce oil imports and create jobs at the same time.

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