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US EPA Awards More Than $4.2M in Recovery Act Funds for Diesel Emission Reduction Projects

The US Environmental Protection Agency announced awards totalling more than $4.2 million in Recovery Act funding to three additional projects for diesel emissions reductions.

  • $2 million to the Kentucky Association of General Contractors to retrofit and repower diesel-powered construction equipment in Kentucky (EPA Region 4). The award announced will retrofit and repower 87 pieces of diesel-powered construction equipment, as well as promote adoption of anti-idling practices at 100 construction sites statewide.

    EPA Region 4 received 98 grant applications requesting over $140 million to help fund clean diesel emissions projects.

  • $1.4 million to New Jersey and New York (EPA Region 2) to clean up a variety of long-haul trucks based in the area. Cascade Sierra Solutions, a not-for-profit trucking organization, will partner with truckers to equip 789 long-haul truck trailers based in NJ and NY with aerodynamic technologies, such as skirts, end fairings, and gap reducers to help lower diesel emissions and fuel consumption.

    EPA Region 2 received more than 52 grant applications requesting $168 million to help fund clean diesel emissions projects.

  • $829,697 to the city of Phoenix (EPA Region 9) to reduce diesel emissions by retrofitting and replacing city-owned equipment. The project will retrofit 45 pieces of city-owned diesel equipment with diesel particulate filters or diesel oxidation catalysts, and replace an aging garbage hauler.

    The retrofitted vehicles will run on ultra-low sulfur diesel with 20% biodiesel. The vehicles provide a variety of services, including emergency, park maintenance, street repair, and refuse collection for various Phoenix metropolitan areas.

    EPA Region 9 received more than 100 grant applications requesting more than $500 million to help fund clean diesel emissions projects.


Stan Peterson

Boondoggles every one. Typical governmental waste.

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