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EPA, University of Michigan to Research Health Effects of Roadway Pollution on Children

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Michigan will partner in a $1.4 million joint study on the health effects of air pollution on children living near heavily traveled thoroughfares in the US. The study is funded through EPA’s Science to Achieve Results program.

Under the cooperative agreement, researchers will study the types of pollutants common near roadways, how people are exposed to them, the extent of exposures, and the types and severity of health effects. More than 45 million people in the US live within 300 feet of a four-lane road, airport, or railroad.

EPA and the University of Michigan will study traffic-associated pollution in Detroit and whether it could lead to more severe asthma attacks in children ages 6 to 14. The study will also explore whether traffic exposure has any effects on the likelihood of respiratory viral infections and will help researchers improve the predictive capabilities of computer models.

The research will be useful for policy makers developing mitigation plans to reduce exposures to air pollution for people living or working near roadways. State highway planners and environmental agencies can use the science to assess local impacts of vehicle emissions and determine the need for and impact of future road projects.


The Goracle


Great... Another government (tax payer) funded "study" to help determine whether government must continue it's massive expansion, and force more jobs overseas, or not. I already know the results of the study. Sorry about the higher unemployment, worker-bee people. Get over it. We have a government to expand and taxes to raise!!!! GObama!!!

It's all about the $$$$$$$ and control of people's lives.



"[the study] will help researchers improve the predictive capabilities of computer models."

Which are so far doing very BADLY. So will they really go into the filed for this, or just hang out at the Cray trying to get the code to match a result?


Very similar studies have already been done in many countries in Europe. Pollution from diesels is more serious than expected.

Consequently, new schools are built up to 2 Km from highways. Some existing schools have been moved further away from main highways.

With far less diesel vehicles in USA, the adverse pollution may not be as bad.


Do our tax dollars really need to be spent on something this obvious? Of course living next to a major interstate highway is going to be less healthy than living out in the country. This "study" sounds more like a vehicle to fund PhD students and an attempt to justify the existence of some professor's jobs at the University of Michigan rather than produce groundbreaking meaningful research. What a waste.


We knew this way back in the 70s. Heck they knew it back in the 1800s thus the wrong side of the track was the side the smoke from the trains blew into.

Roger Pham

I agree with all above commenters. Why waste more tax dollars studying the obvious? Transitioning to non-polluting, non-oil-consuming vehicles will be inevitable anyway, in the near future.

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