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Prius Top-Selling Car in Japan for Second Month in a Row with 22,292 Units

Toyota’s Prius was the top-selling car in Japan in June for the second month in a row, with sales of 22,292 units—3.58 times June 2008 results of 6,231 units—according to data from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA).

The Prius became the country’s top-seller in May for the first time, with sales of 10,915 units, which was up more than twice year-on-year from 5,079 units in May 2008.(Earlier post.)

Honda’s hybrid Insight came in fourth in June with 8,782 units, behind the Honda Fit and the Toyota Vitz. In April, the Honda Insight had been the top-seller—the first hybrid to be such—with 10,481 units. In May, the Insight dropped to third place with 8,183 units, behind the Prius and the Honda Fit, with 8,859 units.

Sales of the Prius in Japan, which edged past US sales in May, were 71.5% larger than US Prius sales (12,998) in June. The Honda Insight in Japan has been consistently outselling its US counterpart (8,782 units in Japan vs. 2,079 in the US in June, for example.)

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