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UQM Technologies has completed an agreement with Coda Automotive, a California-based electric car and battery company, to supply UQM PowerPhase 100 electric propulsion systems to Coda Automotive for a period of ten years.

Initial shipments under the agreement are expected to begin later this calendar year and ramp up prior to scheduled deliveries of the Coda 4-door, 5-passenger, all-electric sedan in the California market in mid-2010. (Earlier post.) The agreement provides for the purchase of 20,000 propulsion systems over the initial two-year period following the launch of volume production.

The UQM PowerPhase 100 electric propulsion system delivers 100 kW (134 hp) of peak power, 300 N·m (221 lb-ft) of peak torque and a peak system efficiency of 94%, all in a small 280 millimeter (11 inch) diameter by 252 millimeter (10 inch) long package.

The Coda sedan uses a 33.8 kWh lithium-ion battery supporting a real-world range of 90 to 120 miles depending on individual driving habits. The onboard charger plugs into a 110V or a 220V outlet and can charge for a 40-mile commute in approximately two hours (full charge in less than six hours at 220V). The battery system will be supplied by a joint venture between Coda Automotive and Tianjin Lishen Battery Co.

The Coda electric sedan will be fully built and tested, including the UQM power-train and Lishen-Coda battery system, on an existing large-scale assembly line operated by Coda’s manufacturing and assembly partner, HaFei Automobile Industry Group Co. Ltd., headquartered in Harbin, China. Hafei is one of the premier production and R&D companies in China for automobiles and automobile engines. The Group has more than 575,000 square meters of production facilities, 11,000 employees and annual production capacity of 400,000 automobiles and 550,000 automobile engines.

Coda Automotive employs a direct distribution model, and will begin sales in California initially. Coda will also perform the vehicle’s maintenance and service through an outsourced network comprising brand name car service partners.


Henry Gibson

Even without regeneration, electric cars are useful, but they should never be sold without a fuel powered generator. Such machines can be made very small but they can be used to go hundreds of miles on gasoline and even will show minimal or no loss of speed in city traffic. 5KW is very good for most city speeds. The very high performance motors and electronics are overkill for most automobile use. Non electronic units with brushes can have high efficiency and adequate performance. ..HG..

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