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Zero Motorcycles launched the Zero DS, a fully electric dual sport motorcycle for on and off-road riding. Zero has equipped its latest model with aggressive suspension, rugged wheels and dual sport tires. The DS is powered by Zero Motorcycles’s Z-Force electric drivetrain.

The Zero DS. Click to enlarge.

With a 4 kWh Li-ion pack, the DS has a top speed of 55 mph (90 km/h) and has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km). Recharge time is less than four hours.

Aircraft grade aluminium is exclusively used in the construction of the lightweight twin spar frame. Each component on the motorcycle is engineered to minimize weight.

Zero Motorcycles first entered the motorcycle category with the launch of the 2008 Zero X electric dirt bike, which sold out in late 2008. This was followed by the launch of the Zero S Supermoto motorcycle for urban use and the Zero MX in June this year designed specifically for track riding and motocross.



When they start with off road bikes they consider light weight and simplicity, these are good starting points to develop electric motorcycle for the street.

The dirt bike that they did in 2008 was popular because it gave the fun of riding without all the hassles, noise, smoke, fire danger from hot exhaust pipes and it had very light responsive handling.

Henry Gibson

I cannot resist writing that RCV makes engines that would be good range extenders for this vehicle. A motorcycle powered by a model airplane engine.

This vehicle's motor produces about 2.5 kw or less at 30 miles per hour given the above figures.

I wonder if it costs more than the TATA Nano. ..HG..

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