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Azure Dynamics Wins 10 Balance Hybrid Electric Sales to Kentucky Municipalities; Option for 40 Additional Buses

Azure Dynamics Corporation recently won orders for up to 50 Balance Hybrid Electric Shuttle Buses by Kentucky municipalities. Ten buses were ordered immediately by three separate Kentucky municipalities with an option for up to 40 additional buses.

The State of Kentucky, under direction of its Office of Transportation Delivery, is one of the first states to receive Federal Transit Administration (FTA) stimulus money aimed at providing fuel efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. The stimulus funds were provided to members of the Kentucky Public Transit Association.

Under a competitive bid process a contract was awarded to National Bus Sales and Leasing, Inc. for the Azure Balance Hybrid Electric drivetrain on a Ford E450 chassis and shuttle bus bodies built by Goshen Coach.

The Azure vehicles are expected to be delivered by the beginning of September 2009. The City of Owensboro, via Audubon Area Community Services, will receive seven buses for its paratransit program. Two other vehicles will be used for Demand Response in the state capital of Frankfort. The final bus serves in a pilot program for the Rural Transportation Enterprise Council (RTEC).


Henry Gibson

Any company or any community that is not using ZEBRA batteries in some of their electric vehicles is wasting too much money. They are proven to deliver the specifed results in almost every application and have millions of miles of use in every kind of small and large vehicles. A vehicle that cannot be plugged-in almost every night is not as well suited to ZEBRA batteries. Vehicles that are rarely used can use cheap lead batteries. EFFPOWER will be producing many such units.

Just being a series hybrid of any kind will cut down on the use of fuel.

Capstone Turbines for large electric-hybrids is almost the best choice because of low pollution with cheap fuel and very low engine maintenance, but they are not used enough yet to have a low enough price. Many Capstone powered vehicles are now in very satifactory service because of the low pollution. ..HG..

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