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BYD Plans Limited Introduction of e6 EV in US Next Year

BYD Auto, the Chinese automaker part-owned by a Warren Buffett company, plans to introduce a limited number of its e6 electric crossovers in the US next year, according to BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. BYD had showcased the e6 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January. (Earlier post.)

The e6 at NAIAS in January. Click to enlarge.

Wang said the company will use proceeds from a new share issue to finance the US introduction, as well as for another production line for its lithium iron phosphate batteries in China.

Wang said BYD will select a specific region in the US and target a few hundred e6s at government agencies, utilities and perhaps celebrities. BYD plans a similar entry strategy in Europe in 2011 or later.

Inside the e6. Click to enlarge.

In January at NAIAS, BYD said that it was BYD planning four motor combinations for the e6, which can offer all-wheel drive with front and rear motors: 75 kW; 75 kW + 40 kW; 160 kW; and 160 kW + 40 kW. Electric power consumption will be less than 18 kWh/100km (290 Wh/mile). BYD says that the e6 has a range of more than 400 km (249 miles).

In China, the e6 uses a 220V, 10A charge.



Excellent news for electrified vehicles with various power train options.

The BYD e-6 seems to be heading for success in many market places. It may be the first mass produced electrified vehicle with a worldwide distribution.

What a good investment WB made a few months ago.


One wishes a 4-seat, 200+ mi/charge EV were allowed years sooner. The price of oil has again doubled, to $70+/barrel this year, though it costs OPEC about $2/barrel to collect.

It's kind of like believing an industry would act to provide affordable healthcare - a nation's first defense against bioterrorism.

Only alternatives temper greed.

Sadly, terrorists can always count on some nations not to have coherent policies.


A 4-door 4-seater freeway-legal car from a major manufacturer with a range of 100 miles was available TWELVE YEARS AGO, the Toyota RAV4 EV. I regularly see models whirring around Northern California. Twelve (mostly) wasted years. Arghhh!!

Until BYD gives the kWh for the e6 battery pack, doubt all their claims.



Think about the 1996 Solectria Sunrise doing 375 mi./charge:

"Twelve (mostly) wasted years. Arghhh!!" indeed..

"..48kw/hr (e6) battery pack giving a range of 400 km (249 mile)"

Account Deleted

BYD’s webpage say 18 kWh per 100km and 400 km range. That would be a 72 kWh battery. The battery pack is 600 kg which means the battery pack is 120Wh/kg and the cells are about 140Wh/kg. This is doable with laminated LiFePO4 cells. Also BYD say 10 minutes charge to 50% will be possible. That will most likely require a 440- 480 volt charger like Tesla’s Model S. I hope they can do it but it will require a 216kW charger ((72/2)*6). This is a lot and I doubt it will be standard in the first version of the e6. It will be awesome if it can charge that fast.

Frankly I think BYD is a bit smarter than Nissan in that they design their EV with a 600 kg battery pack. Then they can always offer smaller battery packs for customers that need less range. Nissan’s Leaf is stuck with a 24kWh, 200 kg battery pack that can only do 100 miles. Tesla does the same thing as BYD. The Model S is designed for an about 600 kg battery pack and they offer smaller batteries as well.

BYD’s EV seems idea for Taxi driving as it can do 2000*250 = 500,000 miles before the battery is used. That is 42k miles per year for 12 years which fits the drive cycle of a Taxi.

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