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DMC Green Opens First Charging Station in West Sacramento, CA; Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Sited with Alt-Fuel Pumps

DMC Green, Inc. has opened the first electric vehicle charging station in West Sacramento, CA. The DMC-owned charging station, featuring a Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Networked Charging Station, is the first of 40 DMC charging stations now in contract scheduled for installation throughout California.

The West Sacramento station—Harbor Point ’76—also offers E-85 ethanol and biodiesel under the DMC brand as part of DMC’s ongoing program to green-retrofit existing gas stations throughout California.

DMC Green is in the business of the research, development and installation of proprietary alternative/renewable fuel delivery systems for the consumer at point of purchase. In conjunction with this activity DMC Green builds, retrofits and rebuilds existing fuel stations using “green” LEED building standards. DMC’s standard fuel offering includes ethanol, bio-diesel, electric charging and hydrogen. DMC Green is a LEED- registered member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).



According to their PR Coloumb intends to build a 120kWh charging station at some point. That'd be interesting to know the details of.

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