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Duke Energy, one of America's largest electric utilities, will explore a variety of renewable and other clean-energy technologies with China Huaneng Group, China’s biggest electric utility, as part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in Beijing. One key focal point will be emerging cleaner-coal technologies including carbon capture and sequestration and coal gasification.

The MOU between Duke Energy and China Huaneng Group—which produces more than 10% of the electricity consumed in China—encompasses high-level discussions and information-sharing on a number of renewable and clean-energy fronts.

Under the MOU, top executives from both Duke Energy and China Huaneng Group will launch a series of meetings to exchange information and explore potential long-term cooperative initiatives to reduce coal plant emissions and develop other renewable sources of electricity generation.

Duke Energy, the third-largest electric power holding company in the US (based on kWh sales) is building a 630-megawatt advanced coal gasification facility in Edwardsport, Ind., which is scheduled to go online in 2012. In addition, Duke Energy is spending $17 million to study carbon capture at the site and proposing to spend $121 million to study the potential capture and permanent underground storage of up to 60% of the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions.

The company is also building an advanced 825-megawatt pulverized coal plant in Cliffside, NC, and retiring 1,000 megawatts of older, less efficient coal plants. The Cliffside and Edwardsport projects received more than $250 million in US Department of Energy clean coal tax incentives.

China Huaneng Group built China’s first CO2 capturing demonstration facility in Huaneng Beijing Cogeneration Power Plant. A larger scale CO2 capturing facility in one of Huaneng’s coal-fired power plants in Shanghai is under construction, and is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2009.

Huaneng is also building its “GreenGen project”a 250-megawatt IGCC demonstration power plant in Tianjin. It will be China’s least-emitting coal-fired power plant when it is put into operation in 2011.


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