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Fiat Punto Evo To Debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show; Start&Stop Standard, Dual Fuel Versions

The Punto Evo. Click to enlarge.

The Fiat Punto Evo, the evolution of the Grande Punto, will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The Punto Evo will offer a range of Euro 5 engines, including a 1.3 second-generation Multijet diesel and a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with the MultiAir electro-hydraulic valve-timing system developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and eventually to be incorporated in all Fiat Group engines. (Earlier post.)

The new Punto Evo also offers Start&Stop, the system that switches off and restarts the engine in stop-and-go traffic. Start&Stop is being introduced as standard on all Euro5 gasoline and diesel engines. Fiat is also offering methane and LPG units with the Punto Evo.

Multiair system components. Click to enlarge.

MultiAir technology, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show this year, will gradually be adopted by all gasoline engines fitted to Fiat Group cars. The heart of MultiAir is a new electro-hydraulic valve management system that provides dynamic and direct control of air and combustion, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke.

It supports reduced fuel consumption by controlling air directly via the inlet valves without using the throttle. MultiAir reduces emissions thanks to improved combustion control and also improves performance by boosting both power and torque.

Compared to a conventional gasoline engine of the same size, a MultiAir engine develops more power (up to 10%) and torque (up to 15%), while consuming significantly less (up to 10%) and emitting less CO2 (up to 10%), less particulates (up to 40%) and less NOx (up to 60%).

Fiat has achieved similar results in diesel engines with the adoption of second-generation Multijet units across the range. These engines incorporate new common rail injectors that, due to a balanced hydraulic servo-valve, control the quantity of fuel injected into the combustion chamber with improved precision, and in a faster and more flexible sequence than in the past.

The second generation of Multijet diesel engines thus offers more accurate combustion, with benefits for consumption, emissions, NVH and drivability. The Euro 5 engines deliver an improvement of around 2% in consumption and CO2 emissions on the homologation cycle, and a reduction in NOx emissions of up to 30%.

A dual-fuel methane-gasoline variant produces 115 g/km of CO2. The LPG-fuelled version (Punto Evo GPL) offers a range of 1,500 km (932 miles) in the extra-urban cycle, and running costs up to 50% lower than a gasoline equivalent.

Another system making its first appearance on the Punto Evo is “Blue&Me–TomTom”, a new portable satellite navigation unit that lets you manage telephone, navigation and information functions on a practical color touch-screen.

The system is the result of a partnership between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, European leader in portable navigation systems, and integrates with the car’s other systems thanks to the Blue&Me system developed in conjunction with Magneti Marelli. The new system also incorporates “eco:Drive Info” for real time information on driving style and suggestions for reducing environmental impact and optimizing consumption by changing gear and using the accelerator to suit the nature of the route.

The Fiat Punto Evo goes on sale in the second half of October.


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The direct inject diesel appears to achieve 62.8mpg (EU).

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