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First Full Month of Transit Connect Sales in the US Tops 2,000 Units

The first full month of sales in the US for the 2010 Ford Transit Connect light commercial van has topped 2,000 units, according to Ford. Vehicles are selling in fewer than 10 days of arriving on dealer lots, significantly quicker than industry norms.

The Ford Transit Connect. Click to enlarge.

Early Transit Connect buyers represent a cross section of the small business landscape, including laundries, caterers, door and lock companies, painters, electricians, restaurant suppliers, satellite dish installers, carpet installers and commercial carpet cleaners.

The Southern California region is leading the retail market for Transit Connect sales to non-business users. Dealers report sales to a diverse range of hobbyists needing extra space to efficiently haul everything from show dogs to motor scooters.

The Transit Connect features an EPA rating of 22 mpg city/25 highway combined with the payload capacity of a full-size half-ton pickup truck. Ford will introduce an electric version of the Transit Connect, in partnership with Smith Electric Vehicles, in 2010. (Earlier post.)



When will the 1.8L diesel be available?


Never. A 1.6L direct injection turbocharged gas engine is likely, however.

Will S

This is a definite improvement; keep it up, Ford.

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