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GM Shows Picture of New Chevrolet Agile for Mercosur Market

General Motors provided an image of the new Chevrolet Agile, a small car designed in Brazil and due to launch in that market in October.

The 2010 Agile. Click to enlarge.

The Agile is the first model of the Viva family; Project Viva represents a US$400 million investment by GM un Brazil and Argentina. The Agile is targeted for emerging markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay (Mercosur).

GM began doing business in Brazil in 1925. In 2008, it posted record annual sales (548,941 vehicles). GM was the first company in the Brazilian auto industry to provide 100% of its spark-ignited vehicles as flex-fuel.

The company announced a new investment of $2 billion in July 2009 to launch a new family of vehicles, due in 2012, and expand its production capacity.



Could this (with South Korea + China production) be the future of the new GM?


"Could this (with South Korea + China production) be the future of the new GM?"

The future of GM ain't in Detroit. Those dinosaurs still haven't figured out that the Asteroid has already hit.

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