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Range-Extended Electric Hummer H3E by Raser Drives 50+ All-Electric Miles in Test Drive

A recent preliminary road test of the Raser Hummer H3E, an H3 converted with a range-extended electric powertrain (earlier post), demonstrated more than 50 miles of all-electric range.

Battery range of this innovative vehicle was more than sufficient to exceed our performance target of 40 miles in all-electric mode. In fact the H3E drove over 50 miles using only approximately 60% of the battery pack. This initial test indicates that the vehicle should easily achieve over 100 miles per gallon in typical local daily driving. The positive results from this test indicate that we can downsize our battery pack, reducing cost and weight of the vehicle, and still achieve the 40 mile all-electric range needed for optimized typical driving.

—Jim Spellman, Raser Vice President of Business Development

The electric Hummer H3E is a plug-in electric vehicle powered by Raser’s proprietary E-REV (extended range electric vehicle) powertrain. Propulsion comes from a 200 kW Raser Symetron traction motor mated to a 4–speed automatic transmission. A 100 kW Rase Symetron generator, driven by a GM Ecotec 2.0L SIDI turbocharged engine provides electrical power. A liquid-cooled, 41 kWh lithium-ion battery pack operates at 700V and provides the energy storage.

The course used for the test included a combination of city and highway driving with an average speed of 45 mph and with speeds up to 60 mph.

It’s important to note that Raser’s electric Hummer H3E can achieve similar results to the Chevy Volt. The main difference is that our electric powertrain can be used in larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks. In fact, if we were to employ the method we believe was used recently by GM to estimate city fuel economy for the Volt [earlier post], the electric Hummer H3E could achieve more than 190 mpg in city driving using about 70% of the battery pack.

—Jim Spellman

Raser plans to conduct additional testing to demonstrate the vehicle’s estimated total range of up to 400 miles using the on-board range extender.



I keep reading about the Raser Hummer for a long time. But what about plans to enter the market. No one ever said a work about it.

So, the question remains, when Raser intends to start selling the Hummer, at what price, and what sales volume ?


PHEVs could eventually come in all sizes. The current problem is with the $41K + minimum price tag for the battery pack for larger PHEVs.

As batteries price come down four+ folds, a $10K battery pack for a large PHEV could become acceptable and many more monsters will ride again. Concurrently, a smaller PHEV battery pack could sell for about $4K.

Will S

It didn't say what the actual driving profile was like. 45 mph does not incur heavy drag forces, and the number of stops and starts is another consideration. Since they didn't mention the EPA city/hwy cycles, it makes one wonder if they came up with their own that gave a better-than-to-be-expected result.

I wonder whether you can tow with this vehicle.


2 miles per kWh. Not bad for a heffalump.

Henry Gibson

Congratulations to the symetron generator and motor and their inventor. ..HG..

Henry Gibson

Now let us have a cheap electric car. ..HG..


Simply inferior by design!

Their Raser Symetron e-motor even needs a multi-speed transmission between motor and wheels. The same type (series) hybrid as Volt, but motor in Volt does not need multi-speed transmission.
It's not a heavy truck that needs 15-speed transmission.

If instead of Symetron motor, the induction motor from Tesla roadster was used (similar power output), no transmission would be needed. Perhaps liquid cooling should be added, Symetron also uses it.

Another minus is that Symetron uses slip rings (and brushes) that need extra maintenance.

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