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Ioxus Launches Ultracapacitor Line

Ioxus, Inc. has introduced its first family of Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) and power modules for military, transportation and alternative energy applications.

Ioxus says that its family of ultracapacitors, which are 100% US-made, provide smaller-sized solutions with more capacitance and greater power densities that competitive offerings. The following Ioxus ultracapacitors and pseudo-capacitors are available now:

  • 100F, 2.7V ultracapacitors
  • 350F, 2.7V ultracapacitors
  • 400F, 2.7V ultracapacitors
  • 600F, 2.7V ultracapacitors
  • 2000F, 2.7V ultracapacitors
  • 220F, 2.3V pseudo-capacitors
  • 800F, 2.3V pseudo-capacitors
  • 1000F, 2.3V pseudo-capacitors

Ioxus is a subsidiary of Custom Electronics, Inc., which has supplied commercial and military clients with high-reliability capacitors and integrated electronic solutions since 1964.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded up to $1.5 million to Ioxus in April 2009 to support the company’s manufacturing facilities. As a result of the NYSERDA program, Ioxus raised $5 million in venture capital funding to support manufacturing and development of its solutions.


Henry Gibson

Use EFFPOWER bipolar high rate batteries instead for high power, less complexity and far more energy. you can also modify them with the CSIRO super battery invention.

Thes capacitors may have high power for several seconds but have less energy than a flashlight(torch) battery.

The inverter needed for the use of a small highpower flywheel is cheap and simple enough. Flydrid is building such flywheels for KERS. ..HG..

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